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Short Version: A team of alternate dimension X-men along with career B-lister (as an X-man, not as a performer) Dazzler are tasked with saving the multiverse from a threat unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Really. Frequently humorous and a little bizarre, it’s a fun X-men read without all the baggage of the main books.

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Stephen Segovia

I did not read Greg Pak’s run on Astonishing X-men. I point this out because it is my understanding that is where alternative universe versions of Night Crawler (Kid Nightcrawler), Wolverine (Captain James Howlett), and Emma Frost (Emmeline Frost) originated. This concerned me at the outset because I was interested in X-treme X-men, but I was concerned that my lack of background would hurt me. The good news: I can say, with some relief, however, that this will not affect your enjoyment or ability to follow X-treme X-men #1 for more than a few pages before your lack of background stops mattering and the madness begins (Well, the madness begins on the first page).

The book picks up with the action in progress, as Kid Nightcrawler (who is, in fact, Nightcrawler as a kid) uses Cerebro along with the assistance of numerous disembodied Charles Xavier heads (yep) to teleport the entire population of Earth to a new habitable planet. However, something goes wrong resulting in a Lovecraftian horror appearing, leading us towards our heroes’ (along with the official, 616 version of Dazzler, back in the spotlight) journey through alternate versions of Marvel heroes and villains as they try to save the multiverse. It’s a fun book and certainly always interesting and serves as a good reminder that what we are reading is comic books and that sometimes we can poke at the establishment and our expectations a little. While it shares a name with the previous iteration of X-treme X-men, this is the return of the Exiles in many ways (although the central conceit is similar, their tasks differ) and it’s a concept that I’m glad to see back. There are some cool cameos at the end of the book and my guess is that this is going to be a fun ride as the X-treme X-men go on their (rather absurd) quest. I love seeing the alternate universe versions of known heroes, and it’s good to see we can still have fun in comic books, even those involving major properties.

So, if you’re looking for an X-men story with a lot less baggage (and need to worry about what’s going on in spine books or Avengers or whatever) that doesn’t take itself too seriously, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Pak gives us a promising start that should take us down some interesting avenues. Definitely looking forward to seeing what madness the multiverse has in store for Dazzler, Kid Nightcrawler, Emmeline Frost, and James Howlett. It certainly looks promising for those looking for an entertaining, light-hearted X-book.

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27. July 2012 by Michael
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  1. Nice review! I misread the line “in spine books or Avengers” as “asinine Avengers” and thought, yeah, I’d like to read an X-Men book that’s just X-Men and isn’t tied in with that crossover. 😛

    • Thanks! ‘Asinine Avengers’ may be part of the Marvel NOW! initiative (I kid), but yeah, it’s just a fun X-men book without all the baggage and I appreciate that. I don’t really mind that maybe it doesn’t have much or any effect on the ‘main continuity’, for whatever superhero comic continuity is worth anyway.

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