Review: National Comics – Eternity #1 from @JeffLemire @CullHamner and @DCComics

Short Version: A great start for the new Eternity from Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner. A nice, complete story in one issue that sets up the character, gives us a self-contained story, and moves the over-all story arc forward. It says it’s a one-shot but, with any justice, it won’t be.

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artists: Cully Hamner

Kid Eternity gets a fresh start in National Comics – Eternity #1. I’ve not read any of the previous Kid Eternity books, so I don’t know a whole lot about the character, so I can’t really tell you how this compares to what they did back in the day or what Morrison did on his run, but I can tell you with certainty that this is another hit for Lemire, who is on an absolute streak. Eternity is the story of Christopher Freeman, the son of a police detective who death didn’t quite take for. Still, when he came back he found that he had the ability to go … somewhere … and bring the souls of the recently deceased back for a time in an attempt to find out what happened to them (he works in a police morgue, always in the shadow of his father). Still, the ghosts of the past are not necessarily reliable narrators of their own demise and there are rules that Freeman has to learn to his new-found powers, although he doesn’t know what they are yet. Hamner’s art is great throughout the book, with a lot of spot-on facial expressions and the occasional dip into the slightly-more-stylized that goes nicely when Freeman makes his way to retrieve a soul.

You get a steady flow of information about Freeman throughout the issue. What he’s like, what motivates him, how he approaches problems, but we also get a full story that makes it a first issue where something actually happens, something that is far too rare in my experiences. It’s listed as a one shot on the cover, but they clearly don’t intend for it to be one. That’s fine with me. I want to know what happens next, especially after where they left it. I’m interested to see where Freeman’s powers came from, why he got them, and what the rules are, exactly. Oh, and how he handles the events at the end of the issue. That’s a lot of questions and the fact that I’m so interested to see them answered speaks volumes for Eternity.

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26. July 2012 by Michael
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