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Short Version: An intriguing first issue from Debris #1 with an intriguing world filled with amazing mechanical behemoths that Maya must protect a small village, the final bastion of humanity, against. A great first issue, providing setup, motivation, and action with some amazing artwork. 

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe

Artist: Riley Rossmo
Colors: Owen Gieni

There wasn’t a single comic that I was more excited to pick up this week than Debris #1 (of 4). That’s the truth. The images I had seen of the giant mechanical snake monster (which it turns out is named Jormungand) had me pretty psyched. As you open the book you quickly get a group of mechanical Chocobo-like creatures called Avios that shows you how great Rossmo’s art and Gieni’s colors are and they are never better than when they are handling the strange mechanical creatures that live in the world of Debris. The colors have a hand-painted feel and the world is filled with a ton of interesting details, although there was one small part where there is a frame repeated to try and illustrate waiting that missed for me a little. It barely rates mentioning (it’s a third of a page an entire comic), but everything else was so well done that it really stood out.

We start the story by meeting Maya and Calista, who are protecting the last bastion of humanity from the strange and dangerous world that lies in the wasteland (or what appears to be a wasteland so far) beyond he village. There are mechanical monsters about the world, some of which are referred to as colossals (for obvious reasons) that pose a particular threat to the village should they get near it. The first issue does a good job setting up the world (which I find fascinating and shows some pretty heavy video game influences, especially the Final Fantasy influence), giving us a heavy dose of action, and showing us the quest in front of us, as well as giving some nice, compelling motivation for the quest. As I said, this was the comic I was looking forward to most of all this week, and it didn’t let me down. My only disappointment is that it is only currently slated for four issues, but I’m really excited to see the rest of the world and what sort of strange and marvelous mechanical behemoths lay in store. Great stuff.   

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26. July 2012 by Michael
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