Project Zomboid devs @TheIndieStone spell out their plans for Desura, Steam, and the future

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I’ve been following Project Zomboid for what seems like forever. In fact, it was June of last year (I checked my e-mail for my purchase confirmation) when I started following the project, which promised to be a truly amazing isometric view zombie game that was actually about survival. You had to cut up boards to make planks to nail over windows and tear up sheets to make bandages. It was beautiful. Then the project hit a whole slew of problems and, while I continued to follow the development of the game, I decided I would wait for the game to get a little further along before it went back on my hard drive. The project stabilized and development seemed to be moving along. I was interested to see that The Indie Stone released their plans for how they were going to proceed from here on their site yesterday.

The devs are currently concentrating on getting the final build of version 0.2.1 out to the current users of Project Zomboid. After that, it looks like The Indie Stone’s goal will be to get the game on Steam. I don’t guess that is any real surprise. Valve’s service certainly appears to be the driving force behind the whole online game purchase ecosystem. Apparently, the biggest change going forward to version 1.0 (something of a completed game, so Project Zomboid can qualify to get on Steam) will apparently be a new UI and lots of bug-squashed along the way. According to The Indie Stone, the UI will be “[a] unified windows explorer style inventory system with filters, icon/detail views, right click context menu, column sorting, nice drag and drop, resizable windows and marquis selection.“ Still, it definitely looks like Project Zomboid is going to go into polish mode early, with the focus being on getting the game to be, well, a full game and then continuing to roll out the promised features after that point. It sounds like a good plan, and if it lets The Indie Stone concentrate on making Project Zomboid the best game that it can be (and I am thoroughly convinced it can be a truly amazing game), then I’m all for accelerating the polish process so they can get their game out to a wider audience and maybe feel a little more secure in the process. Check out the whole post for the full statement from The Indie Stone.

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18. July 2012 by Michael
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