New @IndieRoyale bundle is pretty sweet – Puzzle Agent, Geneforge Saga, and Oniken included

The newest Indie Royale bundle includes Puzzle Agent (which I played through and thoroughly enjoyed), Geneforge Saga (which are old school RPGs that I have not played, but I thoroughly enjoyed Spiderweb Software’s Avadon, plus you get five of them in this thing), Oniken (which I played the demo of and was thoroughly impressed with for those looking for a sort of Contra/Ninja Gaiden mashup), Mutant Story Reloaded (a twin-stick shooter), Swift-Switch (a crazy-looking speed maze game), and Unepic (a sidescrolling fantasy action game) for just a little over five bucks (the price fluctuates, so I can’t tell you exactly what it is when you look). That’s a lot of games for not much money. Go take a look.

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25. July 2012 by Michael
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