New fiction anthologies from @StoneSkinPress from a ton of talented authors

This looks pretty promising. Stone Skin Press (an imprint of RPG publisher Pelgrane Press) is Kickstarting a bunch of new fiction anthologies built around some really cool looking themes. There are four different anthologies: The New Hero vol. 1, The New Hero vol. 2, Shotguns v. Cthulhu, and The Lion and the Aardvark: Aesop’s Modern Fables. Authors include Jason L. Blair (whose Streets of Bedlam RPG I enjoyed immensely), Chuck Wendig (whose Dinocalypse Now! I enjoyed immensely), Ed Greenwood, Monte Cook, Greg Stolze, and a ton of other names, which you can check out on the official page

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08. July 2012 by Michael
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