Moon Intern – A serialized, side-scrolling action RPG with a touch of Animal Crossing from @LarryPixel

Man, I somehow missed Moon Intern when the Kickstarter first started almost three weeks ago, but I’m glad I came across it now. The game promises to be a sidescrolling action-RPG where you live in a moon colony and have to do quests for the various residents of the colony, like delivering packages for them (that’s the Animal Crossing touch I was referring to) or killing monsters at their bequest in between your official command missions. There are also puzzles and the game will adjust whether you get more combat quests or more puzzle quests based on what you choose to do. The video shows one way that a mission might play out differently if you’re a puzzle player or a combat player. How much time you have to spend doing missions or sidequests will vary by mission, as will the length of any given story arc. Of all the promising games on Kickstarter, this is definitely one of the most promising. You should go check it out on Kickstarter where a copy of the game will be $10 and having yourself in the game is $40 (with a bunch of other rewards available).

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26. July 2012 by Michael
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