Modular Assault Vehicle – Checking back in with M.A.V. from @Bombdogstudios

I successfully built a heavy mech!

I took a look at a build of M.A.V. (Modular Assault Vehicle) from Bombdog Studios about a month ago and I figured it was about time to check back in and see how things were coming along. To see, I loaded up the previous build (which was still on my computer, because, you know, lazy) and gave it a spin. I then loaded up the new build and saw some of the differences. First, the speed difference is noticeable and I like the new, slower speed much better. It makes these feel a little more like walking tanks than they did before when it felt like you were going way faster than they should be able to. Noting that this is an early build, I would still like the mechs to feel like they had a little more weight 
to them. Movement in the torso would help a lot, weapons shifting after they move. Still, I have no idea how hard something like that would be to implement (at least some shake to the torse and some side to side movement as your walking tank shambles along). The mech builder was definitely working for me this time and the weapons are far more sortable, although there’s still a lot more information than I can possibly process there. I have no idea how to build a good mech, but it’s a lot easier to find the stuff you need to build one.

I exploded right after this picture. Right. After.

The game is still a lot of fun, although I am terrible at it. I did run into a few situations where I felt the AI wasn’t responding very much to the fact that I was standing right in front of it, although it appeared to be substantially more aggressive (and hence blew me up a lot quicker) than the AI in the earlier version. Anything I said in here that could be construed as criticism is just because I would love to see the game keep improving. I am well aware that it is in early development and that Bombdog Studios has made a lot of headway in just under a month since I last checked in on M.A.V. It’s an extremely promising game and – given that it is currently free to download in beta state – you should definitely give it a look. Check out Bombdog Studio’s blog on their official page to keep up with the development of the game and happy mech building. 

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20. July 2012 by Michael
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