Mice and Mystics update from @mice_guy shows off four of the tiles for the upcoming mouse n’ slash board game

I have told you all previously that I am pretty darned psyched about Mice & Mystics, the upcoming mouse-based dungeon crawler (yep, I coined the term mouse ‘n slash, and I stand by it) from Plaid Hat Games and designer Jerry Hawthorne. I would go so far as to say that it is my most anticipated upcoming board game release in what looks to be a very promising second half of the year for board games. If you are so inclined, check out my previous coverage of Mice and Mystics, including rules impressions.

Yessir, that’s a mouse with a sword. Rad.

In his newest blog post, Hawthorne shows up the tiles for the upcoming game. The game will include eight tiles, each of which is double sided, giving you 16 total tiles to use for dungeon building. They really are very pretty, too. Little details, like half-eaten dinner in the Guardroom, really help bring the game to life for me. It feels very evocative, and has a very nice hand-painted feel to it, with a warm color palette. Something I had missed during my previous preview is that each side of a tile, which can be flipped during play, is at a different ‘scope.’ So, one side shows a wider shot, while the other shows something a little closer up. It’s a sort of cinematic frame of reference that I’m not sure I ever would have gotten without Hawthorne explaining it, but adds something to the game now that I know it, helping to bring the story telling part of the game out a little. Hawthorne goes on to give full previews of the Courtyard, Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Guardroom, and will be previewing the other four castle common areas in the next blog. Mice and Mystics is presently up for pre-order directly from Plaid Hat Games at $25 off MSRP with two promo cards.

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18. July 2012 by Michael
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