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Mechwarrior Online

I was pretty darned skeptical when they first announced MechWarrior Online. I was a huge MechWarrior 2 fan back in the day (and the subsequent games, as well, especially Mercenaries), but – whenever someone tries to resurrect something that I was really found of – I am not ready to believe until you give me a reason. Well, the above video gave me a reason. Sure, the game looks gorgeous, but it also looks like MechWarrior. There is something about the animations, the way that the torsos pivot, something that just looks like MechWarrior. Great. Now I’m all excited. The game will be free-to-play when it is released, but is currently in closed beta. You can get more information at the official site.

Neil Gaiman signs five book deal with Harper Collins Children’s Books
iO9 has reported that Gaiman (author of some things you might have heard of, say, Sandman, to name one) has signed with Harper Collins to produce two picture books and three “middle grade” books. The books include a sequel to Odd and the Frost Giant as well as a project titled Fortunatley the Milk, illustrated by Skottie Young (Who did all the amazing work you see in the Marvel Comics Oz books. Really. Amazing).
[Source: iO9]
Shadowrun Online Kickstarting Shadowrun Again

No, this is not a repeat. This is a Kickstarter from a different Kickstarter than that other Shadowrun Kickstarter you heard about a little while back. Instead, Shadowrun Online will focus on creating a persistent, multiplayer game. Cliffhanger Productions has been working on the game for a while (I remember hearing about it a while ago) and the game will be a turn-based strategy RPG (as well as the promise of weapon customization, hiring other runners, and an emerging storyline). If the early returns are any indication, this one will crush its goal pretty well. Still, if you want beta access, you can chip in $15 to get in on day one to see what the game is like (in an incomplete, testing state admittedly). It’s a different take on a Shadowrun game, and the team certainly seems to be ambitious and to have a lot of good ideas, and I’m a huge Shadowrun fan, so I’ll definitely be watching to see how SRO develops over the coming months. The game is currently up on Kickstarter (you don’t say) and more information is also available on the official page.
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