Maia – Dwarf Fortress meets Startopia from @SimoRoth

Several weeks ago, the rather mysterious Maia Game page came up with some green text on a black background and a picture of a planet announcing a new game from Simon Roth. It didn’t really tell much about the game, but we now have a lot more information thanks to an update to the official page. The newly updated page indicates that your job in Maia is to gain a foothold for Earth’s colonization efforts an unknown, hostile world called Maia (natch). The world’s surface is inhospitable, so the player will be required to build facilities underground to house, feed, and entertain your colonists while protecting them from the threats of the alien world. The world is procedurally generated. The game’s page indicates that the world will be 2KM x 2KM x 2KM, but I have no idea how large that really is (mostly because I’m American and have no scale for the metric system). The developers promise complex colonist AI, a first-person mode, water, lava, a setting inspired by 70’s science fiction, and a dark sense of humor. It certainly sounds an awful lot like taking Dwarf Fortress and mashing it up with Startopia, which sounds suspiciosuly like the best idea ever.

Maia will initially be released on Windows and Linux, with a Mac version to follow if there is demand. Pre-orders will be available soon, with multiple tiers available, from $15 (which is a copy of the game) all the way up to $1,999 (you get a one of a kind 3D printed figurine). You can check out official Maia page for the most up to date information on the upcoming game. There is no release date presently available for Maia, but I will certainyl be bringing you more coverage once it is available,

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09. July 2012 by Michael
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