La-Mulana, Super Metroid meets Indiana Jones, finally coming next week from @LaMulana; New fiction anthology line from @StoneSkinPress

Well, La-Mulana has actually been available in free form for quite a while on PC (it was originally released back in 2005 with MSX graphics as freeware and translated by fans from its native Japanese, also it was awesome). The game saw a WiiWare release in Japan, but it will be officially available in the US for the first time in incredibly upgraded fashion from Playism (it is not available on Steam due to language and communication issues, apparently). Check out the trailer above, which shows that the game is very nice looking. While it is thematically similar to the recently released Spelunky, it is much more similar to Super Metroid (or, say, Cave Story) than to a platforming roguelike. Looking forward to grabbing it later next week. Official page yadayadayada. Oh, and it looks like the game will be $14.99, in case you are interested in, you know, buying it. Which I am.

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07. July 2012 by Michael
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