Kaiju Combat from @sunstonegames, a spiritual successor to last gen’s Godzilla fighting games

Man, I remember playing a ton of the Godzilla games on the PS2 and Xbox. I don’t know how balanced the characters were (my gut feeling based on my memory is ‘not all that well’) but it didn’t matter. So some monsters are more powerful than others. Who cares! They did the best job of any video game I’ve ever played at capturing fighting giant monsters (With a nod to King of the Monsters, natch). Well, Sunstone Games, the team that made those Godzilla games on PS2, Xbox, and Wii want to make a spiritual successor to those games and have started a Kickstarter to try and make the game a reality. The developer promises 1-4 players, frequent new content releases, online matchmaking, and a fun fighting system to be released on the PC. The game will not, however, have the Godzilla license. Still, for $20 for a copy of the game, it seems like an interesting idea. You can see some of the action from those old games in the video above but, for those that didn’t have the chance to play them, the Wii version of the last game in the series had 26 (!) different playable monsters with some really divergent play styles. It was always really satisfying to watch the city crumble around you as you wrecked havoc on your opponents and I always thought the games did a great job of capturing the scale of the kaiju. For more information you can check out their Kickstarter page
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03. July 2012 by Michael
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