.@Humble Music Bundle is super rad, Knytt Stories sequel to PSN, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition update

First ever Humble Music Bundle is very, very good for real

The list of artists: MC Frontalot, They Might Be Giants, Christopher Tin, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Jonathan Coulton, and OK Go (if you pay over the average). The Frontalot album is a 20-track best of and the JoCo album is a 14 track best of and I can vouch for either one as being worth the price of admission alone (Whatever price you choose, but assuming you beat the average to get the OK Go album), in my opinion. They Might Be Giants are always amazing. I mean, this is seriously good stuff people and it can be your’s for whatever you want to pay right here.

Knytt Stories sequel coming to PSN

There are pretty good odds that you never played Knytt Stories, and that’s just a ridiculous pity (the game is free and can be found here, so it is also an easily remedied pity and comes with a near indescribable number of player-made levels to keep you entertained. Still, more people will get a chance to find out what it’s all about with Knytt Underground, the newest entry into the series, being released later this year on PSN, Vita, Mac, PC, and Linux later this year. Also, please clean yourself up and go play Knytt Stories.

[Source: Indie Game Magazine]

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

PC and Mac versions of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition (which is the classic Baldur’s Gate with fifteen levels of arena challenges, a new standalone adventure set in the Underdark, six hours of additional gameplay, and full customization of up to six party members) will be released on September 18, 2012, for $20 (it’s 10 percent off on pre-order right now). The game will also release on iPad around the same time for $10), with an Android version in the works, but with a TBA release. Baldur’s Gate is truly one the classics and you can make a strong argument for it (or, at least for its sequel) as the best CRPG of all time, it was certainly a game-changer for me when it came out.

[Source: Kotaku]

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