Hero Academy coming to PC, Marvel’s War comes into focus, Indie Royale Summer bundle

Hero Academy Announced for Steam

Robot Entertainment has announced that their hit iOS game ‘Hero Academy’ will be coming to Steam, along with an exclusive Team Fortress team, which looks very nice. I’ve played a ton of Hero Academy and I can say that it’s truly a great game, not just a great iOS game. The asynchornous play lends itself particularly well to a portable device, but I think that the game play is good enough to justify a PC release. Hero Academy launches on Steam on August 8. The best news: If you have already bought teams on your iOS copy, they will unlock on your Steam copy and the other way around (you can use the Team Fortress team on iOS, but only if you buy it on Steam). Really looking forward to this.

Marvel’s Next War Looks Punishing

When the first teaser image for Marvel’s upcoming event showe Thor’s hammer laying on the ground with the tag line ‘This is War’, many assumed (reasonably) that we were going to be getting a Thor event (a ‘Thor War’ if you will). This, however, is not the case. Instead, it appears that this will be a Punisher event, which is prett fantastic. The teaser graphic shows several marvel heroes in sites of (or, presumably, having been shot by) the Punisher. I’m usually not much for big events, but I’m at least interested to see where they take this. The Punisher War Zone event (I assume this will be an event) will launch in October, so I will expect a lot more information leading up to that. Check out the full teaser image here.

Indie Royale Summer Bundle Released

The bundles keep coming. Indie Royale has released their summer bundle, which includes Harvest: Massive Encounter, The Journey Down, Serious Sam 2 , Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, Hilogata Happa, Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition, Dino Run SE, and Air Mech for one low five-dollar-ish price (the price fluctuates, so it might be different when you check). That is, for the record, a tower defense game, a shooter, four scrolling shooter/bullet hell style games, one canabaltlike (he, we use roguelike), and a strategy/action hybrid thing. That is in order, if you are curious. Anyway, that’s a lot of games for not a lot of money.

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