Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art, Update on Chew TV Show

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy concept art is very pretty

The first official concept art after the announcement of
The Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel.
Seriously, that’s some very nice looking concept art for the now-officially-announced Guardians of the Galaxy animated movie coming in August, 2014. I mean, I know that you can’t tell a darned thing about a movie from concept art (you know, since it’s concept art), but just seeing that they aren’t, like, bailing on putting Rocket Raccoon in there makes me happy. Seriously, Rocket Raccoon is precisely the type of character that, back in the day when comic book companies had to option their stuff to outside movie studios, some stiff in a suit would say, ‘Well, no, that’s too weird. We’re not putting a gun wielding raccoon in this movie.’ But look at him! He’s majestic! His very essence is awesome! Besides Rocket Raccoon (which is the raccoon with a gun, natch), we have Drax the Destroyer (green guy), Groot (tree guy), Star Lord (the leader, in the mask up front), and I’m pretty sure the woman with a sword is Gamora. So, there are your Guardians of the Galaxy. Awesome!

A very small update on John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew TV Show

You may or may not recall that, about a year ago, Layman and Guillory’s freakin’ bizzarre comic book about a detective that can get information from eating things Chew got optioned by Showtime. Well, Layman – in the MTV clip above- tells MTV that the show is still coming along and that a script was written, notes were given by Showtime, and the script has been given back to the writers. Layman and Guillory are not presently involved in the writing of the show, though Layman expresses that he would like to see the show debut at the same time Dexter is ending (he suggests in two years, but also notes he’s just making things up), which would make an awful lot of sense. Even if it is not the end of Dexter, they probably should do the eventual debut after a season finale of Dexter (even if it’s not the series finale).

[Source: MTV Geek]
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