Defense Grid 2 from @HiddenPathEnt – Kickstarting a better tower defense

There are very few tower defense games that actually manage to stand out in that very, very crowded field (which was very much the ‘mining game’ genre of 2008), but Defense Grid was the one that stood above the fray. It was nice looking, challenging without being impossible, nicely balanced, and polished. Honestly, it is the only game in that genre (despite a few false starts) that held my attention for more than a few minutes because it was the core of the tower defense polished until it glimmered. Just a good idea made with precision.

Hidden Path Entertainment is trying to get a sequel made and, guess what, they have turned to Kickstarter. Which I guess is something people do now? (Yes, that was sarcasm). The developers are initially trying to raise $250,000.00, at which point backers will get a new eight level expansion for the original game, but every stretch goal (each $250,000) opens up new rewards for everyone paying $15 or more. In order for backers to get a copy of Defense Grid 2, the project will have to reach 400 percent ($1 million). In other words: They’re making this thing, they would like to help, how much you help determines if they can give you a copy of the game or ask you to buy it later (because they had to fund the rest of it).

Defense Grid 2 is a ‘more of what you love’ type of sequel, promising new aliens, tower types, level types, and game modes, along with a 20 mission campaign.  It appears that Defense Grid 2  is happening whether this Kickstarter funds or not, this is just a way for fans of the game to make the game happen a little faster and more smoothly for Hidden Path Games, which getting a copy of the game if the project over funds. As you might have guessed, you can go over to Kickstarter for more information.

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11. July 2012 by Michael
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