Day One – A new adventure game from @pendulostudios

Penduolo Studios, creators of the well-received adventure games Yesterday and The Next Big Thing, have a new project coming soon called Day One. It’s a little, well, heavier than most adventure games, mind you, although – judging from the trailer above – it still has at least some comedic tones. The gentleman in the video is Ethan Grant, a young journalist that finds out that it is his last day to live because of a previously-undiagnosed terminal illness. See, I told you it was heady stuff. However, he then receives a mysterious note with a pill promising 24 more hours of life and instructing him to go to Paris. Pendulo Studios states that they want to make a comedic adventure game, but one with a darker, more sarcastic sense of humor. The animations and voice work in the introduction are already pretty sharp, and I am a sucker for a good adventure game, so I hope this turns out to be one. You might have guessed that they are crowd-funding over on GamesPlanetLab. A copy of the game, which is coming to PC and Mac, costs $12/£10, so that seems pretty fair given the current market, especially given the production values. You can also check out the official page if you would like more information (and of course you would!) 

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13. July 2012 by Michael
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