DataJack from Epic Banana Games – An indie isometric stealth/action cyberpunk game

The trailer above mostly shows off the action in DataJack from Epic Banana games, but the developer promises the game will have a lot more going for it. I’m a sucker for cyberpunk games, and Epic Banana is certainly heading in the right direction with his plans for the game (which is currently approximately 80 percent complete). You play as a Shadowr… mercenary who is offered contracts from three different corporations over the course of the game, requiring espionage, sabotage, assassination and – if things go wrong – a lot of shooting, if the trailer is anything to go by. The game will feature 28 customizable weapons, full destructible walls, gadgets, upgradable stats through buying cybernetic upgrades, and an emphasis on being to disable many of the items in the game (like the turret shown in the video).

/>According to the developer, the game will also include cameras that will need to be disabled, as well databases that will contain valuable data (which I assume you will get credits for, but that’s just me assuming), alarms to disarm, and generators that will plunge the level into darkness when disabled. While objects can be overridden by standing next to them and using your tool (which you will need to level up to handle more complex tasks), your usually going to want to go in through a computer, which will take longer, but will let you walk away from the system without suspiciously messing with a camera. If you’re going to want to disable turrets and break into databases, you’re going to want to do it quietly. You’ll have the shadows at your disposal, but will also be able to hide in vents or under desks, as well as using smoke grenades to create a getaway. A nice touch is that missions will have parameters as to how stealthy you need to be, with your pay getting docked by your employer if you create too many casualties.

The developer mentions the SNES Shadowrun game (one of my favorite games of all times, if I can make this about me for a second), XCOM, Crusader, Deus Ex, Myth: The Fallen Lords, Thief: The Dark Project, Ghost in the Shell, and Syndicate as influences on DataJack. Regarding Syndicate, he says, “I loved that game. It pulled no punches with the straight-up street carnage and corporate rule. I wanted DataJack to have that sort of feel- a sort of world where the 7-11 down the street might be blown up with rocket launchers and replaced by helicopter within a week. I totally ripped Syndicate’s cyborg cut-away diagram.” It certainly has a sort of Shadowrun/Syndicate feel to it, and that’s far from a bad thing. Check out the dev log to follow the development and the official Epic Banana site and join me in looking forward to the eventual playable build.

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12. July 2012 by Michael
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