Crea: Would you like a more moddable Minecraft and Terraria? You might dig Crea from @JassonMcMorris

Crea is a 2D sandbox game with mining, digging, and roleplaying game elements. Look at that crazy dude in samurai armor! Fighting a dragon fly! Because samurai hate dragon flies the most. In any case, what the developers promise will set Crea apart from other sandbox/mining games (I’m pretty sure ‘mining game is now a distinct genre’, by the way) is the promise that you will be able to mod the game and add in whatever items or monsters you darn well please (like a… llama? Yeah, I think they suggested a llama). They also hope to give the game a little more structure with quests and character creation. The Kickstarter is trying to raise funds to get new hardware and to get a new soundtrack, along with whatever stretch goals may be identified should the campaign get that way. It’s going to be tough to make a sandbox game stand out, given that Minecraft and Terraria set the bar pretty high, but the promise of being able to mod in whatever items and monsters you want sounds like a good one, especially once the talented people in the community (ie, not me) get their hands on it. With that said, I hope the game play is good and I would like for them to go a little heavier on the RPG elements, personally. Modability is nice, but I’d like to see a sandbox game actually have a go at a coherent world with things to do (along with digging to the depths of the underworld) and skills and special abilities and such. You can check out the Kickstarter for more info, if you are so inclined. I’m sure developers hate when people say this, but the funding for this one looks like it is in the bag, it’s just how far over it goes and what they can do with the money that improves upon the concept.

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11. July 2012 by Michael
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