Conspiracy of Shadows: Apprentice – A short-form RPG from Keith Senkowski (@KSenkowski)

I’ll admit that the trailer for the upcoming roleplaying game Conspiracy of Shadows: Apprentice from Keith Senkowski, doesn’t tell you a whole lot about the game. What I do know is that it is a short-form roleplaying game about one man’s (the Apprentice’s) quest to journey through the harsh, frozen lands with a small group of warriors to replace his Master. The Kickstarter seems to indicate that the Apprentice will have to find where his Master is and then the Apprentice will be faced with the choice if he will claim the Master’s power for his own, betraying his friends. At least that is what I’m extrapolating. The game will use stones with Elder Forthark runes on them to instruct you on how to continue with the story and, according to Senkowski’s blog, the game is 16 pages long. A copy of the PDF of the game is $5 and a print copy is $10 on the Kickstarter.

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25. July 2012 by Michael
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