Comic Book Review: Edison Rex # 1 from #Monkeybrain

Edison Rex is the creation of Monkeybrain Comics proprietor Chris Roberson, with art by Dennis Culver. Edison Rex is a master-mind villain that believes he finally has the plan to eliminate his arch rival: The Superman-esque Valiant, an unstoppable god-like being that Rex believes is a menace to society (although society has different views on the matter).

I’m not sure what Edison Rex is
doing here. Could it be SCIENCE?

There is almost no action in Edison Rex # 1 and that is okay. You get the sense that plenty of that will come later. Instead, we get a display of Edison Rex doing what he does best: Being a masterful villain. The ‘aha’ moment when you see his plan coming together is pretty fantastic.We don’t learn much about Rex in this first issue (it is only 10 pages), although you get a good feel for the overall tone of the book: comedic, but with a a sort of skewed view point that brought to mind the Venture Brothers.

Culver’s art has a nice, cartoon-y vibe to it, with the bold lines and vibrant colors of modern comic books. I will say that the posing struck me as a little stiff, but it’s a minor complaint. It probably isn’t going to be for everyone, but it certainly doesn’t detract from the book in the first issue. However, you do get a brief, one panel glimpse at the end of the issue as to where Culver’s art is really going to shine, but it is one magnificent panel.

Edison Rex looks like it is going to be a two-fisted story of an action scientist (if I can borrow a term) fighting against the things too weird for the world (Think: Atomic Robo, although only time will tell precisely how it compares). Edison Rex # 1 is available from Comixology for $.99.

Score: 7 out of 10

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03. July 2012 by Michael
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