Comic Book Review: Bandette # 1 from #Monkeybrain

Bandette # 1 is the first in a new series Monkeybrain Comics from Paul Tobin (Writer) and Colleen Coover (Artist), published by Monkeybrain Comics. We meet Bandette as she is in action, a thief trying to lift some precious art off of some rich ne’er do well or the next. However, it is not long before she finds herself in trouble (although you get the feeling that she is never over her head), fleeing through the streets to get away from guards with the assistance of her gang of street urchins.

This is a really fun book. First, the art is just stellar. I mean, just stelllar. I love it. I love everything about it. It’s got personality, fun character designs, and plenty of visual quirkiness. It gives Bandette a unique feel that really matches the tone of the book.

Look at that cover and weep! 

The writing itself is filled with whimsy. The best dialogue is saved for Bandette herself, which is often funny and occasionally hilarious. Bandette is a thief, but she is a thief in search of justice, a search that will likely land her in hot water as often as not. The book is light-hearted, quick-moving, and unique compared to the other books that I am aware of on the market. There may be some mild swearing in there, but this is a book with the heart of a child: filled with wonder and a lust for adventure.

You really should pick up Bandette. The writing is fun, the art is great (did I mention the art is great? Because, man, the art is great), and it only costs $.99 on Comixology. We only get our first glimpse of some of the supporting characters (inspector B.D. Belgique, the master thief Monsieur, and Bandette’s crew), and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Also: I’m looking forward to seeing more of Coover’s art. Did I mention that?

Score: 8 out of 10

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03. July 2012 by Michael
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