Checking out the beta and trailer for Platformines from @MagikoGaming – Sidescrolling shooter dungeon crawling

Platformines (which I heard about over on The Indie Game Magazine) is a side-scrolling action game (Terraria is the most direct comparison I can think of as to how the action feels) combined with dungeon crawling (Diablo or Borderlands, here). At the beginning of the game you name your world, which is then randomly generated. You then delve deep into the dungeons surrounding your home base in hopes of finding better loot and, eventually, building a giant robot to escape the caves you are trapped in.

My character from the Platformines beta. Pretty fantastic.

I checked out the Beta (which is available from Magicko Games’ web site) and was more than a little pleased with what I found. Once your world is generated, you make your character by mixing and matching several rather absurd pieces. I was rather pleased with my creation. You start in a home base, which causes you to heal quickly, has a store for you to buy and sell items, and a guy that gives you advice, as well as the room where you can construct your giant robot once you get the correct pieces (not able to be completed during the beta). You start off the game with a weak gun, a very small inventory, little money, and a very short life bar. As you go through the dungeons surrounding your base, you reveal the map and gather items, weapons, and new hairstyles that you can equip or sell to get more money. As you get further from your base the enemies get more difficult (demonstrated by a color change) and the traps becoming more plentiful and damaging, changing from slow moving plant-things to spinning saw blades, but the odds of finding more money and better gear also increases. As you get money, you buy new belts to increase your life bar, new guns, larger inventories, and (if you like) new hairstyles, including a mask to make you look like the Creeper from Minecraft. Very nice. 

The fog clears out from around you as you make you explore the caves.

However, all that adventuring carries a risk. If you die, you lose 5 percent of your money and all of the items you are currently carrying spill all over the floor. You can always teleport to any check point you have found as you played, so that certainly lessens the pain of death. You can always heal by spending the gems you found, which are also one of your sources of money, so there was always the urge to try to avoid healing at all costs. Also, whenever you reach a checkpoint, you can teleport back to your home base and sell your unwanted goods and heal.
The game can be pretty brutal at times, but I had a lot of fun with the demo. Platformines does not currently have a release date, but it is in the final stages of development. I would really encourage you to go over to the official site and check out the beta. I’m definitely looking forward to playing the full game. 

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04. July 2012 by Michael
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