Build and Defend – Collect blocks and build a fort against your eventual demise

I had missed Build and Defend,a game from Mathieu Guillame-Bert under the screen name Achoum until I came across it just a couple of days ago on IndieDB. The gist of the game is that you are a single person standing in a field with some trees with a guy that is willing to sell you things like additional blocks, new guns, and new turrets. Like most tower defense games, you face additionally difficult waves of enemies and have to upgrade your defenses in between those waves of enemies with the money you get. However, instead of a set number of places where you can build towers, Build & Defend takes its queue from Minecraft and lets you mine blocks (you cut down trees to get wood blocks, for instance) which you then use to construct your fort. You can buy turrets from the store as well as get new guns and armor for yourself. The game itself takes some getting used to, at least it did for me, especially since you’re not given a lot of guidance at the outset (it is an Alpha, after all, so that’s not a complaint – there is also a beginner’s guide over on the official page). Achoum has been working on the game pretty furiously from the looks of it, with Alpha 7 recently released and added ‘workers’ so you can start building a whole city of people to defend your little fort against the invasion. I had a good deal of fun for the game, and it only costs $4.90 from the official page or try the free version, either by download or in browser. I haven’t survived very long yet, but the fact that I have survived at all is a pretty big upgrade from where I started. Check out Achoum’s Tumblr and the official site for more information.

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22. July 2012 by Michael
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