Blood Red Sands – A competitive RPG from Ralph Mazza and published by Galileo Games (@BrennanRTaylor)

Man, some days I wish people would quit coming up with awesome ideas that I want to throw my money with. However, with no such luck, Ralph Mazza, the designer of the RPG Universalis, has launched a Kickstarter for Blood Red Sands, which promises to be a competitive roleplaying game. The game is set in a swords and sorcery world (think Conan the Barbarian) and, each round during play, one player is eliminated. The game supports between three and five players and is meant to be played over 10 Ordeals (each Ordeal is a four to six hour play session where one player plays as a hero and the remaining players play as the opposition). Once your hero dies, you can only win by controlling the Witch King, which the last hero standing will face in the tenth Ordeal. What I have been able to find about the actual gameplay is this (at least based on some earlier playtest discussions): During the game, one player is acting as the storyteller until another player disagrees with part of the story he is telling. At that point, the storyteller may relent (amend his story to match the challenger’s version) or the players then face off against each other in the dice rolling portion of the game. In any case, I can’t wait to play it at some point because it sounds awesome. A PDF is $10 and a softcover copy of the game is $25 over on Kickstarter, where it is well on its way to meeting its $5,000.00 goal.

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25. July 2012 by Michael
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