‘Better Angels’ RPG – A game about demon-possessed supervillians (kind of) from Greg Stolze

Better Angels - An RPG from Arc Dream Publshing and Greg Stolze

Image from the ‘Better Angels’ Kickstarter

Better Angels is an RPG set in a unique world of super villains that don’t really want to be villains. Greg Stolze has been an crowdfunding longer than just about anyone. While you have to buy the core book for his Reign roleplaying game (Stolze is also the designer of A Dirty World and the popular One Roll Engine – often referred to as O.R.E. and co-designer of Godlike, Wild Talents), Stolze released supplements under the Ransom Model – essentially once enough people paid for a product everyone got the product for free (some 16 supplements for Reign are available from Stolze this way). Now Stolze, with Arc Dream Publishing, have put a new game out for crowdfunding (this time on Kickstarter) called Better Angels.

It’s a cool setup. Basically, the players play as supervillains that are only villains because they have been possessed by demons that grant them super powers but demand that they do evil things. However, in order to prevent the demons from causing true atrocities, the players must create the sort of ridiculous and contrived plans for evil that are unlikely to succeed, enough to sate the demons’ desires, but not so much that they actually destroy the world. It uses the version of O.R.E. used in A Dirty World (which, although I have not played it, I understand concentrate on creating drama and hard decisions in order to push the game forward) with additional rules for super powers added on.

If any of that sounds interesting (and it really should) then you can go and support Stolze and Arc Dream’s Kickstarter. You can also check out the official pages for Arc Dream and Greg Stolze for more about them.

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