‘Band of Zombies’ RPG – All Flesh Must Be Eaten goes World War II

Band of Zombies is the new expansion for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG from Eden Studios

All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Band of Zombies looks to expand the zombie RPG into the second World War. The All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG has, in my experience, been one of the top suggestions for a roleplaying game with zombies for a long time. While the original All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG contained several ‘Deadworlds’, which expanded the game into numerous genres, Eden Studios and company co-founder/game designer George Vasilakos are now turning to Kickstarter to try and get the new All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Band of Zombies expansion, which brings the game into World War II, to press. “Nazi Zombies, what more could you ask for!,” Vasilakos replied when asked to explain what the sourcebook would provide gamers, “Seriously, it will add Mass Combat rules and the first (optional) tactical miniatures skirmish rules for the Unisystem!” While the original book contained several premade settings for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the World War II setting was the most popular, explained Vasilakos, and so they chose to expand it out into a full sourcebook. Vasilakos said he wanted to thank all of the fans of All Flesh Must Be Eaten for their support over the prior 12 years . There are quick start rules available if you would like to see what All Flesh Must Be Eaten is like for yourself. You can find complete information on the All Flesh Must Be Eaten: Band of Zombies RPG Kickstarter page, as well as the official All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG and Eden Studios pages.

What other settings would you like to see zombies in? Or are you over it?

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31. July 2012 by Michael
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  1. With amount of war/zombie movies out there, I’m kinda surprised that it’s taken them this long to see the RPG possibilities. If it all comes together – and sadly I’m not financial state to help out at the moment – I will be looking for it in my FLGS.

    • Yeah, it does seem a little surprising that it’s taken this long to get that idea into print, since it’s such a good idea. The good thing about Kickstarter is that there aren’t many projects that, if they fund, won’t be available once they’re done. You may miss out on a couple of little extras (likely the GM screen in this case), but you have the advantage of getting to buy the product on your own terms. The project is almost 68 percent funded in around 20 percent of the total time for the Kickstarter, so it looks pretty likely it’ll be funded.

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