After Action Report: X-COM – UFO Defense, Part 2

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I had finally managed to hunt down some aliens the last time we checked in our intrepid alien hunters. I had also randomly built a completely unmanned based in the middle of North Africa, so I’m not sure I am the person that should be in charge of an important multinational mission to find alien life and research it. I mean I built an entire, empty $4 million base.

Navigating buildings in XCOM is a bit of a pain…

At any case, we’ll see if maybe I was hired for my great military prowess. We can hope. I land my Skyranger with my eight young recruits on the ground in the Caribbean and immediately send one of my soldiers out of the craft. I take a few moments to get used to the interface, especially since the buttons are completely unlabeled and I willfully did not read the manual before I started playing this. As soon as the soldier gets out of the Skyranger, he gets shot at, but it luckily zips harmless by his head. That could have been catastrophic. I don’t see whatever it was that shot at me, so I guess we’re going to have to start hunting on the second turn.

In any case, I manage to unload my whole crew without further incident and try to get everyone set to autofire on sight and kneel (increasing their accuracy). Being the first to shoot in XCOM is particularly important because of the game’s stunningly high mortality rate, especially early in the game, where one shot will generally eliminate a unit. I spot an alien in the a house to the west of my location and break my team into two squads of four. As I move one of the squad members towards the forest, however, a shot comes.

And… it hits. That’s a man down with no casualties to our small, grey friends. That does not bode well. Now I’m just hoping that I at least outnumber them. I move another soldier into line of site and notice that I only have a 31 percent chance of shooting my target. I could go ahead and hold the shot for when the thing moves, but I go ahead and press my luck and manage to take the thing down! Man, the game may not look like much, but that still feels awful good.

That feeling, however, is fleeting as a second soldier is taken down as we spread out around the map. I’m fairly sure, by this point, that the other aliens are on top of various buildings. I camp outside the buildings for a turn to see if I can get them to show themselves and I get off an autoshot, but miss, allowing the alien to escape out the back door (I love how you can hear the door slam). I make an especially dumb move and move a soldier right next to the alien but don’t have enough action points to, you know, shoot it. I figure that’s going to be a loss, but the alien decides to shoot at someone all the way across the map. Intelligent life, eh? My guy puts an end to him shortly after.

It says ‘OK’, but I’m not sure I agree.

I manage to comb the whole map, but I can’t find any more aliens. I figure they are in the space ship and try to figure out a way in. I throw a grenade at it, which promptly bounces and blows up another one of my soldiers. Apparently I was hired for my looks. Eventually (after a couple dozen turns) an alien comes out of the space ship, misses its one shot, and goes down (after about three shots missing, but it was completely surrounded).

Sadly, we can’t store the aliens, because we don’t have containment facility, which I will look at building once I wrap up this fight. I lost three soldiers (one to that grenade…) and the one that got upgraded is wounded. I guess I’ll have to hire some to fill out the squad. With my unit ailing, we’ll call it a day for this AAR. Next time, I’ll see if I can upgrade some equipment, get a containment built, and maybe take down another UFO.

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09. July 2012 by Michael
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