After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 7

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, and Part 6 are also available in The Alive Scorpion, my Gnomoria AAR series.

At the end of the last chapter, The Alive Scorpion had been reduced to only seven gnomes after another goblin attack. This, I think to myself, at least only puts me back where I started the game. Still, since I have a Great Hall constructed, the attacks aren’t going to stop and I need to get a better prepared force and do a better job making sure that I have guards ready at any time. I assign two of my gnomes (the two with the highest Sword skill) as guards. Sadly, one of my non-soldiers is still wearing armor from a previous stint of being drafted and will not relinquish it. I set my guards outside the main entrance in hopes that I can respond quickly in the instance of a goblin attack. Still, it’s tough since you often don’t know of any attack until one of your gnomes is killed. I set two miners, one hauler, and two crafters (to run all of the work benches) to round out my seven living gnomes.

I continue to dig further down and at floor -16 I hit a ton of metal. I’m feeling pretty good about myself when – all of a sudden – my miners are under attack! I pause the game and take stock of what is going on and I am more than a little concerned when I see Dirt Golems and Clay Golems attacking my miners. I send my guards downstairs by creating a guard station and assigning them to it (no idea if there is a better way to do this, but this works) and draft my other three gnomes into action (meaning all of my denizens are in on this fight). Thankfully, we manage to eliminate all three golems without any serious harm, but I’m stretched too thin to guard both the entrance and the bottom mining floor, meaning I now need to be concerned about dirt monsters coming from below at any time.

Still, you can’t live in fear, and I set my haulers to stocking fruit. Another golem attack occurs, and we suffer another loss – losing one of the guards before my drafted forces can take it down. A third attack occurs in quick succession as I try to get the city up and running again, this time a golem climbing up the stairs and into the main living area of my caves. That’s not good at all. Still, we dispatch it with no further losses, but the population is dwindling and the hope of The Alive Scorpion is dwindling with it.

The five remaining gnomes finally get a period of peace and things start going along pretty smoothly. I do briefly have a problem that appears that it may have been caused by a building having been started by a deceased gnome (and a living gnome couldn’t take over the job), but cancelling the building and restarting it fixed the problem pretty quickly. My Amorsmith is completed and I review the costs. 30 bars for full armor is pretty steep, especially since I only have 14 or so right now. I set my gnome off on making a chest plate in preparation of the next attack.

However, a heavily armored goblin shows up to ruin my carefully laid plans of recovery. Quickly earning the name Vurznat the Buttonglazer, he hews through four of my gnomes before bleeding to death. As we end this AAR then, one lonely gnome lives in The Alive Scorpion. His name is Ian and he slept through the attack of Vurznat. Who knows what his reaction will be when he awakes. Horrified? Saddened? Whatever the case, he will continue trying to run the city until another goblin or golem attack. Still, he knows it is only a matter of time. And he is alone.

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02. July 2012 by Michael
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