.@AccessibleGames bringing out Psi-Punk, a Fudge-based RPG of cyberpunks with psychic powers

I had completed missed Accessible Games’ upcoming Fudge-based tabletop roleplaying game Psi-punk. Fudge (in case you are not already familiar) is a rules-light RPG system that has been around for several years and, in its base form, serves as more of a game-making tool kit than an actual game system (it is also the forebearer of the extraordinarily popular FATE system). Psi-punk is set in the year 2096, where corporations have taken over the world (natch) and a group of individuals have emerged with psychic powers, changing the social dynamic and leading to some interesting X-men-esque fear-mongering of this new, super-powered group. Instead of the traditional -3 to +3 Fudge ladder (each stat is measured on that scale), Psi-punk will use a -3 to +7 scale, leading to a wider range of competence for characters than in the standard form, although characters may not have an unmodified attribute above +5. Character creation is done using a point-buy system, with specializations and Faults, which give you extra points to spend for taking a penalty. The book will also include 30 pages on the psi powers section, although it is very narrative in nature, low on crunch and high on descriptions of what the power does, you roll it when it is appropriate (which is very much in line with how Fudge plays). Oh, it is has marvelous art from Melissa Gay that will go a long way towards making it look like a high-end book. I really dig her work and she will do over 60 illustrations for the book. I actually like it a lot when a book uses the same artist throughout. I think it gives it a nice unfied feel. I’m usually pretty skeptical of RPGs on Kickstarter, but Accessible Games has shown a lot of information over on their dev blog, so this one looks particularly promising, and the Shadowrun meets psychic powers thing sounds like a rad idea for a setting. Check out the Kickstarter (or the aforementioned dev blog) for more information.

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19. July 2012 by Michael
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