Z. is a video game based CCG with zombies from @DownwardViral

I’m a complete sucker for collectible card games (CCGs). Oh, don’t get me wrong, I avoid them like the plague, but that’s only because I have a weakness for the customizable gameplay and the collectible nature. Z. is a CCG for iOS, PC, Android, OSX, Facebook, and Linux with a zombie theme. In Z., you will start with a 60 card pack of cards. The game will feature cross-platform multiplayer (including asynchronous mutliplayer, which should really just be in every turn-based game ever at this point) as well as a single player campaign with live action cut scenes. You will get additional cards through playing the game, allowing you to buy more booster packs and cards (not mentioned, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you can buy them with real money, too, if you want). There is also the promise of an RPG mode that allows to obtain loot and experience as you play. They have put up a couple of pretty lengthy explanations as to how the game will play for survivors as well as how it will play for zombies if you’d like a better feel for how the game plays (at least a good, high-level overview). Also notable, the Z. team have obtained a lot of really cool guest stars that will appear as bonus cards including Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, Tex Murphy, and several more. For more information, check out the Kickstarter page.

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25. June 2012 by Michael
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