Weekend Video Game Download Deals for June 29, 2012 to July 1, 2012

It’s the weekend so, as always, I am here to try and assist you find ways to get rid of all of your hard-earned money (or at least a good chunk of it).
Steam has the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War series on sale this weekend for 70 percent off. I honestly can’t recommend it strongly enough. I’ve played all the way through the first two and part way through Retribution, and – even just single player – they are a lot of fun. The series is a sort of roleplaying game/real time strategy crossover and it is well worth getting Dawn of War and Dawn of War II for $4.99 and Retribution for $7.49.

Gamers Gate is selling Amalur: Reckoning Collection for $27.49, which is a good deal. The game may never get a sequel, but it was a fun, well-made action RPG, if a little uninspired. I burnt out on it after a while, but I certainly got my money’s worth out of it. It looks like tomorrow’s sale will be on The Sims, so check back on Sunday if you are interested in that.

GetGamesGo has Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy on sale for $4.65. There are few games that I love quite as much as Super Meat Boy. A truly challenging platformer with a ton of content played out in short enough chunks that its extreme difficulty level towards the end never made me give up (although I did have to take some breaks to get the ol’ heart rate back down).

Gamestop has the Skyrim for $40.19. The game doesn’t go on sale that often, so that’s really a good price for on of the most massive games ever.

Amazon’s got Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 for $4.99 each. The first game is still almost universally loved, but  – for $4.99 – there is probably enough to enjoy about the sequel to recommend grabbing it as well. Bioware made some miscalculations, to be sure, but it’s probably worth five bucks.

Finally, not a game, but if you need some toy-based nostalgia, Comixology has the G.I. Joe anthologies from IDW of the old, original G.I. Joe comic books for only $5.99 each.

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