Under three days left to get the Indie Royale Bundle featuring Ichi by @StolenCouch

Ichi Trailer – Indie Royale

The Indie Royale Bundle is down to under three days and presently has a minimum price of $5.07 to get seven games. The ‘Graduation Bundle’ features The Void (a survival adventure game), Dead Pixels (a River City Ransom style side-scrolling action RPG), The Ship (a neat multiplayer only game where you try to survive on a ship with other people who might be out to kill you), 1000 Amps (a puzzle platformer), Lasercat (also a platformer), the beta for AirMech (an action/strategy hybrid where you and your opponent controlling transforming robots in an attempt to destroy the other team’s base. You get a bonus in-game item for buying through the Indie Royale Bundle), and Ichi (an elegant looking one button puzzle game featuring really pretty, clean visuals and pleasant, calming music).

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03. June 2012 by Michael
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