Trial of the Clone from @ZachWeiner is an adventure game in book form, promises about 500 scenes

Zach Weiner (of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal fame) has a Kickstarter for a pretty awesome looking project. I love the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books as a child. Sadly, they fell out of fashion and really didn’t start resurfacing (at least in my consciousness) until a few years ago. Weiner looks to be trying to take the concept from those books and take it a step farther, allowing your character to collect inventory items, fight monsters, use powers, and build up a score, making the choosable pathways book one step closer to a video game. The book has already destroyed its initial goals, but I really wanted to pass this along to you all because I think it’s a pretty awesome idea for someone to take a slightly more mature take on that choosable pathway book idea. The book promises approximately 500 scenes and the promise of Easter eggs and difficult-to-find scenes to encourage re-reading. A paperback copy of the book costs $20 through the Kickstarter.

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28. June 2012 by Michael
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