Time is running out to get Sedition Wars – a gorgeous tactical minis game from @StudioMcVey – on Kickstarter

Man, crowd-sourcing is really going to be the end of me if I don’t watch it. For instance, check out this super-sweet gameplay example from Cool Mini or Not’s Sedition Wars [Kickstarter]. I already have so many miniatures that I haven’t painted but I will totally paint someday I promise, but Sedition War’s minis are especialy awesome looking. Sedition Wars is a two player miniatures combat game that looks to be in the vein of Space Hulk (although maybe with fewer tight corridors, just from seeing the video – although I have no idea how representative that is), where one player is playing the humans and the other the slathering monsters. Especially cool is the technique where units can evolve by moving counters next to them during play. There are no rules posted (there were previously some Alpha rules available, until not that long ago, but they were taken down, with my understanding being that they no longer represented the game), but the game certainly looks very nice and the combat (at least from what we see) looks solid, but not horrendously over-complicated (although, again, hard to say without seeing the full rules). It’s on the pricey side ($80.00 for the base set), but considering the number of miniatures you get (50!) and the quality of them, I certainly don’t think that’s an unfair price. Still, Sedition Wars’ Kickstarter campaign is only running for a few more days, so – especially if you would like some of the bonus figures – now is the time to take a look.

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26. June 2012 by Michael
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