Summoner Wars for iPad has been submitted, has a new trailer

Playdek, the company making the iPad version of popular board/card game Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games, has announced that the game has been submitted to Apple to be put up on the app store. Still no firm date on when the game will be available, but I expect it will be soon now that the game has been submitted. In case you are not familiar, Summoner Wars is a game where each player has a customizable deck of cards from which they can play various themed units (Phoenix Elves and Tundra Orcs come to mind) and cards that allow them to take special actions (like extra movement, healing, and walls from which you summon your units and block your enemy’s progress). I am absolutely smitten with the physical version, so I will definitely be checking out the Summoner Wars app and bringing you my thoughts as soon as it is released (hopefully next week). The game will have the aforementioned Phoenix Elves as free to play, 7 additional factions to purchase, a mercenary card pack, and reinforcement decks for each of the factions (so 8 of those).  I am really interested to see exactly what the pricing is going to be so that I can fulfill my plan of buying all of it since, at $.99 each (as a guess), that would run about $16 for the whole game. I guess we’ll see soon (but not soon enough). Check out the new trailer to see what the game will look at in play (spoiler: very nice).

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23. June 2012 by Michael
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