.@stolencouch announces The Village, which looks amazing

I was intrigued the second I saw the a Stolen Couch’s upcoming project ‘The Village’ which they pitch as being “inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and the Sims, also containing elements of Zelda style side quests, and a constantly evolving feature set as we add more things to do in our little game world.” This is great, because I have been dying to see someone other than Nintendo take a shot at the Animal Crossing formula because, frankly, they have done very little of interest with the game since the original iteration. Stolen Couch has released a piece of concept art for The Village which shows a distinctly hand-drawn style with lovely, vibrant colors. Other released concept art shows a character (I presume) named Baker Moose, as well as Mr. Moose’s eight proposed moods, as well as his items which include a bonsai tree and a pizza spatula. Marvelous! Also, Pirate Weasel who is both a pirate and a weasel and has a tankard and a telescope, among other things. Delightful! There is more technical art stuff to be found on over Stolen Couch’s blog, with updates promised weekly. Looking forward to more information once it is announced.

[Source: The Indie Game Magazine]

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01. June 2012 by Michael
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