Sojourn by @horrificgames is a 3D roguelike with procedurally generated dungeons

Sojourn is a game 3D roguelike in early development. The second developer diary is embedded above and – as you can see – the game already looks quite nice. Rube, the developer, has stated on his thread over on TIGSource that the initial goal for the game is create a randomly generated dungeon filled with monsters with a minimalist UI, a wound system, and necessary eating and drinking. Eventually, the designer states that he hopes to connect the dungeons with randomly generated towns filled with NPCs. Even in its early development, Sojourn already has an eerie, claustrophobic feel and the video shows off a combat system with parrying already built in, even though it is still a very early version. Sojourn is only listed as 10 percent done over on TIGSource, so it still has a long way to go before completion.

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22. June 2012 by Michael
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