Snippets: Dungeon World, New Evil Hat Releases, Star Forge, Dungeons of Dredmore Editor, Star Wars TV Show, Red Shirts by John Scalzi

It may seem otherwise sometimes, but I don’t want to give you a whole blog about every single thing that I am interested in. Still, there are things that I think you might be interested in (or, at least, I am interested in) that I may not be able to write enough about to justify a whole blog entry. So, here are your Snippets for June 6, 2012:

Dungeon World has already crushed its Kickstarter goal, but you might enjoy looking into it anyway. Even the $5 level gets a PDF of the finished product, which is an attempt to bring old school dungeon crawling into the modern RPG era kicking and screaming. Plus, $5 for a PDF copy of any RPG these days is a bargain (and $25 for a softcover cover isn’t bad, either).

Evil Hat Productions has announced that their fantastic roleplaying game Spirit of the Century is now available in Kindle format for a lousy $5. Also, Don’t Read This Book, a collection of 13 stories about “the Mad City, where nightmares walk the streets, and a good night’s sleep can get you killed”  edited by Chuck Wendig is available directly from Evil Hat for $15.00 now.

You may remember Starforge from me telling you about the Minecraft/Halo mashup just the other day. Well, instead of going the normal route, the game’s developer is selling its in-game credits which will be used to buy additional content like characters, skins, and modes, for 75 percent off during the very-early alpha stage, or you can get unlimited points right now for $75.00 to help fund the game (and, presumably, get everything they ever release for the game).

The AV Club has a couple of new quotes about the long-promised Star Wars TV show which will, apparently, be “Deadwood in space.” Pardon me if I join The Onion’s disbelief that this show will ever happen, but it sure would be great if it did, huh?

John Scalzi’s rather excellent looking take on the role of spaceship cannon fodder “Redshirts” is now out and available to purchase. I’m hoping to bring you a review of it early next week, although – if you are interested – you can read the first five chapters for free.

The IndieGameMagazine is reporting that the level editor for excellent cartoon-y roguelike Dungeons of Dredmore is out now. What’s that, you don’t have Dungeons of Dredmore, you say? Well, the game is on sale on Steam for a paltry $1.50 or with the expansion for $2.25. So go kill some Diggles and then make a new level for other people to kill Diggles!

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06. June 2012 by Michael
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