Six Launcher and Updater make installing DayZ for ARMA 2 a whole lot easier #dayz

Six Updater is a tool that makes downloading and updating mods for ARMA 2 a whole lot easier, specifically – for our purposes – DayZ, the uber-popular zombie-pocalypse mod. Six Launcher has been made the official updater for DayZ by the developers of the aforementioned mod. What does that mean for you? Well, it means it is now a whole lot less intimidating to install DayZ. Previously you had to download five or so files (I’m too lazy to look right now) and extract each of them into the correct folder. Then, usually when you couldn’t connect to the game, you had to go back to the DayZ site, figure out which file had been updated, and then download and extract it. You also had to modify the run line of ARMA 2 so that it ran the mod. Well, thankfully Six Launcher and Six Updater take care of all that mess for you. You can get Six Updater and Six Launcher so you can get to surviving the zombie apocalypse a lot faster. Want more DayZ? Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of my after action report series and my true beginner’s guide.

How to install, setup, and use Six Launcher / Six Updater. Note it is two separate programs Six Launcher lets you launch DayZ directly rather than go through ARMA II’s setup. Six Updater lets you update ARMA II mods directly:

1. Go download the Latest Version of Six Updater and install it.

2. Run Six Updater. It will probably take a couple of minutes. That is normal.

3. Click on the tab that says “Mods”

4. Scroll down to @DayZ. If you already have a manual install of a previous (or the current) version installed, you will need to Right Click > Updater Actions > Convert Manually Installed mods. This will allow Six Updater to update your mods for you.  You can now Right Click > Updater Actions > Install or Update mods. This should install DayZ and make sure it is up to date. Whenever a new version is out, just open up Six Updater and do this.

4. If you have ARMA II installed, but not DayZ, go to the “Mods” tab in Six Updater, scroll down to @DayZ, and Right Click > Updater Actions > Install or Update Mods. This should install the most recent version of DayZ for you.

5. You are now ready to run Six Launcher. You should be able to use the arrows in the upper-left corner to select which mod you want. If the game is out of date, you will need to open Six Updater and do the steps above before hitting “Quick Play” if you don’t care what server you play one, or you can select from the window on the right, which can be sorted however you want.

Hope that helps!

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