Rules Impressions and Kickstarter: Quicksilver – An airship racing game from @Split2ndGames

Split Second Games has put their first ever game on Kickstarter. It is called Quicksilver, and it is an airship racing game with some press-your-luck mechanics and a neat looking modular board. The rules are really only about five pages long, but they are fairly dense. The base rules are fairly simple (change your velocity, roll for movement, pivot once, use all movement, draw a card and discard down), but there are a lot of situational rules (there are seven different terrain rules from passing over mountains to colliding with a minefield) that give the game some nuance. Players start out with a velocity of zero (it can be moved by one each way in a turn) and four armor points (which can be affected by attacks, collisions, and Tactics Cards – which are cards that allow you to bend the rules of the game in some way).

The goal of the game is pass around the chosen number of checkpoints in the correct direction first and pass the finish line. Since you can only pivot once per turn without taking damage, managing your facing and keeping your Velocity at the optimal level looks like it is where most of the strategy will be found in Quicksilver. A bad over  roll could send you flying past the checkpoint, making you pivot an extra time the next turn (losing you an armor) and making you more susceptible to being knocked out of the race. On the other hand, playing too conservative could result in not moving far enough (obvs) and getting passed by other players. There is a fair amount of chaos in Quicksilver (the tactics cards, movement rolls, and attack rolls are all variables). Attacks are risky because they risk you losing the attack, taking damage instead of dealing it, likely making attacks limited to those times when you feel strongly about the cards in your hand (you play cards to boost your attack value).

You can see the game in the video found above, and it definitely looks very nice. The board is very pretty and the modular terrain looks nice as well. The ability to move checkpoints around should add some replayability to the game as well. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info.

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27. June 2012 by Michael
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