RPGs: @bullypulpit_hq Kickstarts Durance, Magpie Games say you’re Our Last Best Hope, and Bulldogs! gets Ports of Call


Bully Pulpit Games, makers of the fantastic Fiasco (a real RPG industry game-changer), are turning to Kickstarter for their next project: Durance. They are asking for your money through something called a ‘Kickstarter.’ In any case, according to the game’s page, in Durance the player’s control both the guards and inmates in a Fiasco-like storytelling game where everyone is trying to survive on a hostile prison planet. Players create a “Ladder” that shows the hierarchy of convicts and authorities. Players then take turns as the “Guide” who asks the other players questions about your cast. It sounds utterly delightful. I look forward to bringing you more information once it is released. I also look forward to playing the game. Mostly that one.

Our Last Best Hope

Still, Fiasco’s influence doesn’t end with Bully Pulpit’s own games. Last Best Hope is a slightly different take on the Fiasco format where a group of heroes are a planet’s, well, last best hope. Really, the tone change from Fiasco, where a group of ne’er-do-wells (and those who happen to be in the path of their ne’er-do-welling) to a heroic group striving against the odds to save an entire planet is a pretty substantial change . Our Last Best Hope is, as you might have guessed, on Kickstarter. It has already well over doubled its initial goal, so you can get a PDF of both the game and an expansion book for $15.00.

Bulldogs! gets expanded with Ports of Call: The Frontier Zone

Well, I know this was actually announced a while back, but the expansion for Galileo Games’ Bulldogs! (A high action science fiction FATE-based roleplaying game) will be getting its first full expansion titled Ports of Call: The Frontier Zone, a collection of new planets and aliens to use with Bulldogs! The Frontier Zone is currently scheduled to be released on July 15, 2012, and is currently available for pre-order for IPR for $20.00.

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12. June 2012 by Michael
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