Race to Adventure! from @evilhatofficial has a Kickstarter, a boardgame of high adventures of derring do

Race to Adventure from Evil Hat Productions looks to be a more thematic take on the role selection mechanic found in games like Puerto Rico, Citadels, and many other great games over the years, placing the action in Evil Hat’s Spirit of the Century (a pulp roleplaying game, you can get more info on the official site) world, a high-adventure setting with with pulp heroes and science. The Kickstarter page has an example of play up, which is what is embedded here. In lieu of the traditional roles, in Race to Adventure you select an item (like a zeppelin or bi-plane, three of which allow you to move around the map and the others allow you to take different actions). Some locations also have their own actions that they allow you to perform. The goal of the game is to go to each location in the game and complete the mission on the space (by spending clue tokens or using the lightning gun to deal with the quest in question, as appropriate). It is a fast playing game at 20 to 30 minutes and the map can be laid out differently each time and the game also includes alternate versions of each location to extend replayability. It is definitely a nice looking game and is available for support over on Kickstarter, where a copy of the game requires a donation of at least $40.

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20. June 2012 by Michael
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