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It looks like the redesigned prototype controller we saw for the Wii U a little while back was authentic. [Source: Joystiq] It has two clickable analog sticks (anything less would have been a step back and made it hard to argue for compatibility with games designed for the 360 and PS3). It can also serve as a TV remote, which – give its size – might finally let me stop losing TV remotes. Or I’ll somehow shove this thing into my couch cushions. Probably that one. Destuctoid has a picture of the Wii U controller controlling a TV. It looks much like you would expect it to. Nintendo also showed off some information about its MiiUniverse program, which shows the Miis of your friends on your gamepad (since it has a screen) and allows you to get updates on your friends progress in the games they were playing (including a spoilers function) and a Facebook-esque wall. [Source: Joystiq, again]. I know a lot of people are going to complain about the wall function (it is the internet after all) but, strangely, I could actually see myself using a wall that only my gaming friends see. The Wii U is currently set to launch later this year, although there is no firm date in place at this time.

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04. June 2012 by Michael
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