Hostile Takeover from @laserbraingames is a game of isometric assassination

Apparently Laserbrain Studios (a one man shop with the human name of Christian Knudson) has been developing Hostile Takeover for about two years now. From the video above, it looks like it still has a little ways to go before it is fully playable, but what is there looks extraordinarily promising. Particularly cool is the system where, when you are trying to assassinate a target, a display showing a close up of the person that you can use to aim your shot comes up. Although Rock, Paper, Shotgun mentioned (warranted) comparisons to Project Zomboid (the developer also mentions Syndicate, Fallout, and X-COM as inspirations), the graphics remind me of the old Shadowrun SNES game and that warms my heart. The game combines stealth (or will,when the AI does not immediately forget you exist when you crouch) and will allow you to gain new equipment as you progress through the game. I don’t know what Knudson’s plans are for the long-term of Hostile Takeover, but I would really love to see him institute an open-ended campaign map (a la Syndicate) as the game progresses. While Hostile Takeover is still in early development, it also has loads of promise.

[Source: Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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