Drunk Dungeon is exactly what you think it is if you think it is a bar game about dungeon crawling

I had never head of Drunk Dungeon until the PA Report posted an article about it just two short days ago. While I was very interested from what I read on the PA Report article, I didn’t feel like I got a great feel for exactly how you played Drunk Dungeon, and isn’t that what is important?

What’s that? You don’t even know what Drunk Dungeon is? Hide and Seek, the company that created the party game for the NYU Game Center for an event called “No Quarter”, describes the game in a recent blog post as “coasters + player-made dungeon + party. Basically, the idea is that each time a person at the party gets a drink, they also get a coaster with a picture of a dungeon tile on it, The full rules are very short, just at one page, Which is probably best considering it is a game that was designed to be played by people that have the potential to be inebriated. Still, a game for 250 required approximately 800 tiles, which is quite a lot (although it might be easier to do with a party of ten or so, maybe only using fifty to one hundred tiles). It looks like when you get a coaster, if it has a dungeon picture on it, you take it to the table and play it on the dungeon and move your team’s pawn one space. The tiles may also contain “Energy” tiles which can be expended to capture stars if you manage to build a path adjacent to the Star (the team with the most stars wins). There is also fighting based on ‘armor points’, but no information as to how those are determined. I’ve tried to fill in the blanks that I don’t see answered, so I can’t swear all of that is correct, but there is a lot of interesting information over on Hide & Seek’s blog

At any rate, it’s a really neat bar game concept that I would love to see adapted to an actual bar or just at a party. At this time it doesn’t look like there are any sets of Drunk Dungeons able to buy, which begs the question: In today’s time when everything is on Kickstarter, why isn’t this on Kickstarter?

[Source: PA Report]

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03. June 2012 by Michael
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