Don’t forget that the @GamersGate IndieFort Bundle 2 has been released and now includes an extra game

Just a PSA that the IndieFort Bundle 2, which I blogged about just last week, is now available. The bundle costs $5.99 and includes 3079, the futuristic first person shooter/Minecraft mashup, Fortix 2, a fantasy-themed Qix-based game where you are trying to claim territory on a map by enclosing it while avoiding your enemies, Aztaka, a sidescrolling action game with an Aztec theme, Dark Scavenger, a really weird looking point and click game with turn-based combat that is also really weird, Intrusion 2, a Metal Slug/Contra-type sidescrolling action game with giant wolf riding, and Demise: Ascension, a first person dungeon hack. Oh, and added after the bundle’s announcement is Fate of the World: Tipping Point, the card-driven strategy game where you are trying to stop the world from ending from famine, war, economic meltdown, or environmental crisis. I played the first version of the game and found it to be thoroughly entertaining, although it is absolutely brutal the first few times you play it. The bundle is available right now for $5.99 from Gamers Gate. Which is really an amazing deal. The trailer is for 3079, because I found it to be compelling.

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19. June 2012 by Michael
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