Checking out M.A.V. from @bombdogstudios – Modular Assault Vehicle – An indie game of modular mechs

M.A.V., which I heard about from The Indie Game Magazine, is still really early in its development. In fact, it is only version 0.2.5. Nonetheless, there is a lot of promise here and eighty six weapons to choose from. M.A.V. is, essentially, a Mechwarrior game where you build your mech with modular pieces. I had a lot of trouble getting it to recognize my mech as valid (it is an early build of the game), but the game is nice looking (it reminds me of the high-def Mech Warrior: Mercenaries pack I downloaded a while back) and the gameplay is coming along nicely. You use WASD to move your mech around, the mouse rotates the top of your mech independently, aiming is done through a separate viewer in the upper-right corner (which is a nice touch), and you switch through your weapons groups by hitting Q and E.

Multiplayer is also in the game, although no one was running servers the couple of times I checked. The mechs, at least the default one I got to work, feel a little lighter than Mechwarrior, but this isn’t a bad thing. It gives the game a slightly more-action heavy feel (heavier mechs probably feel heavier, natch), but leading that tank I’m fighting in the picture above worked perfectly, with the physics working just how I expected them to. I’m really looking forward to more releases from M.A.V. and will definitely be keeping my eye on it in the future. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can get the latest build on M.A.V.’s forum.

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18. June 2012 by Michael
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