After Action Report: Gnomoria, The Alive Scorpion, Part 6

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, and Part 5 are also available in The Alive Scorpion, my Gnomoria AAR series.

By this point (if you’ve read the previous entries) you know that The Alive Scorpion, which began as a bastion for gnomes everywhere, is now a bloodbath. While Twizzlet managed to eliminate the scourge that attack our fine village, he was not unharmed. A check of our hero’s status indicates that he cannot walk. Also, he is bleeding. A lot. It is not too long before we make another mark on the wall for those we have lost. So it goes.

Still, gnomes can’t dwell on deadly goblin attacks for too long, and it is back to the business at hand of trying to get a Weaponsmith and an Armorsmith built and a couple of my gnomes armed. It occurs to me that we now have two swords (you get one when you start out and the goblin that attacked had one), so I probably don’t need to make any more weapons right now (They costs 10 metal bars each, which is pretty steep for my economy), but I decide to go ahead an build the Weaponsmith so that I can be prepared in the future.

With this in mind, I go ahead and devote a good 1/4 of my workforce to hauling basically exclusively, making sure that the economy in the upstairs can continue to run by having enough metal (the most important, since it has a long way to go), wood, and other supplies. This definitely makes things much easier, as my Smelter, who is making copper bars, no longer has to run down 13 flights of stairs to get a piece of metal. I’ve said it before, but the whole key to efficiently playing Gnomoria, in my experience, is using stockpiles and containers wisely (lots of haulers to keep those things stocked helps, too). Once you get that, it’s much easier to manage everything else. I do wish that you could adjust the priority of construction, but I haven’t found a way to do it. I would also really like to see the ability to adjust the priority of an individual job for an individual gnome, but that would probably turn out to be a little fiddly.

Anyway, while the metal is being moved up I hit a huge silver vein fifteen floors down. I try to determine if there is a more efficient way to get it up stairs, but I fail. Still, with several haulers working full time it doesn’t take all that long to fill up a couple of containers and move on to something else for a while. I decide to go ahead and draft one gnome, a proud one named Per. You can see her below standing proudly around the Dining Hall in uniform. I learn later that once you designate a Guard Area (in the Designate menu, you know), you then have to assign a guard to that area, which I did not do (hence the sitting around the kitchen).

As such, the first-ever guard of The Alive Scorpion is sitting inside and has no interest in coming out when I see that one of my gnomes has died. I assume that he has been killed and I zoom to the event to find that I was right. I think flounder helplessly as I lose two more to the goblin’s rampage before assigning Per’s squad (or which Per is the only member, you can have up to five gnomes in a squad) to go to a Guard Area near the goblin. Sadly, Per is actually pretty awful at fighting (I should have screened my applicants more thoroughly) and soon drops the sword. The goblin gains the name Reck the Sheltering Bow, and he soon dispatches with Per. I draft another solider who picks up a sword and is shortly dispatched as well. The final time, I draft five gnomes, regardless of whatever else they are doing, to engage the goblin. They manage to eliminate the foul beast, but I lose another gnome in the fray.

 With the gnome count down to seven, The Alive Scorpion is looking like it doesn’t have a great chance of survival in the near future. One more good goblin attack and the whole town is wiped out. Things certainly look grim for our intrepid settlers. 

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29. June 2012 by Michael
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